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Hair and hair-binding in pre-Classical Greece

I’ve been doing a lot of research on hair-binding lately, as a way of exploring and strengthening my commitment. After discussing the subject with a few other Hellenic polytheists, I have decided to share the product of my study with you … Continue reading

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To Hermes Psychopompos

Hermes, you who speak, you who negotiate, you who shatter all boundaries, you who understand, Friend of Humanity, you who have a great heart, do you know what festers in mine? Do you know that pain, that cold mud that, after … Continue reading

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The Summit of the World

She runs between these trees, somewhere just out of my sight. This is her home: these cliffs, they are hers, and so are the yellow-brown hills and the jagged shards of ice piled up on the shores of the lake. … Continue reading

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To Artemis

Born to Zeus and Leto, you helped deliver your twin from the womb of your mother, for you were chosen by the Moirai to assist women in childbirth though you, Maiden, never experienced it yourself. As a young child, you climbed onto your father’s knee and … Continue reading

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Skipping Stones across the Styx

It’s dark down here. It smells of dank earth and algae that creep up the banks of the river Styx like mould. Mud squelches under my feet. With my toes I test the shoreline, tentatively skimming the surface of the water … Continue reading

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Goodbye, precious bearer of dream…

Every soul that crosses the Styx is precious. But when it belongs to a poet, it’s a special kind of light that is extinguished. I knew one such light. Well, “knew” is a big word; our paths crossed once or twice … Continue reading

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To Poseidon

Today I walked to the sea. I could have taken a bus, or I could have not gone at all; after all, khernips can be made from spring water as well as seawater, and nobody had obliged me to walk for … Continue reading

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