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To Recon or not to Recon?

That, at least among modern polytheists, is the question. It is also the main difference between Wicca/eclectic Paganism and the belief systems of Hellenismos, Kemeticism, Asatru or Celtic reconstructionism. While the former focus on a connection with the Earth and are … Continue reading

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Today I made honey cakes for Hermes

Hermes had been good to me these last two months, so I felt the need to thank him in a special way. He kept me safe during my travels as I moved back to New Zealand from the UK, he provided me … Continue reading

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Changing your life after changing your religion

This August marks four months since I went back to serving the Gods, after being Wiccan for two and a half years. Four months is a long time. A short one, too. How did the change go? Pretty smoothly, in … Continue reading

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