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It’s not always the Gods – sometimes we’re just kind

The sky was already darkening, and my stomach rumbled as I walked past the man sitting on the corner of the street. I barely glanced at him as I hurried home, looking forward to cuddling up in my bedroom with a … Continue reading

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Interfaith 101: Your Religion is Beautiful, too

I’m pretty serious about my religion. I pray and make offerings every day, and my beliefs permeate everything that I do. I don’t view Hellenismos as something that I do on the festivals or when I have time; it’s a … Continue reading

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I’m a Pagan Waiting until Marriage

I say Pagan. What do you say? Pentacle. Nature worship. Zeus. Odin. The Goddess. Hippies. Spells. Free love. Probably not waiting until marriage for sex. After all, why would anyone with pagan beliefs – let alone a Hellenic polytheist – choose to … Continue reading

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