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Mother Thetis

I haven’t been writing much lately because, as I mentioned in another post, I’ve been very busy and I’m also working towards a deadline on my novel (I’m aiming to finish part 1 of 3 before October). I will eventually … Continue reading

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Homer VS the Mycenaeans: In Search of the Trojan War

It’s the age-old question: did the Trojan War really happen? And if it did, did it happen as Homer wrote in his Iliad? Of course, it is near-impossible to come to a definite conclusion. With over 3000 years between us and the Mycenaeans (the … Continue reading

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Lessons from Patroklos: Respect your Fate and Honour the Dead

If I had to pick one favourite character in the Iliad, it would be Patroklos. His story is the most poignant, marks a turning point in the epic, and as a Hellenic polytheist, there is much to learn from it. Patroklos … Continue reading

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A bit of fun: Trojan War crossword

I made this crossword a few days ago, and decided to share it with people who might enjoy it (as opposed to those who end up pretending because I stuck the crossword under their nose and excitedly asked them to do … Continue reading

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