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What do Hellenic polytheists believe, anyway?

If I asked you what Hellenic polytheists believe, what would you reply? “Well, duh. You believe in Zeus and the other Greek Gods.” Yes. Zeus, Apollon, Aphrodite, Athena, Hercules, Homer and the Iliad, Plato, Socrates – all those are part of … Continue reading

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Hellenismos at twelve years old: my experience as a teenage Pagan

Many people become interested in Paganism or Wicca in their teenage years. Whether it’s because they’re unsatisfied with their current religion, have always felt drawn to pre-Christian beliefs but only now have access to the information, think magick and Percy Jackson are “cool”, or … Continue reading

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Changing your life after changing your religion

This August marks four months since I went back to serving the Gods, after being Wiccan for two and a half years. Four months is a long time. A short one, too. How did the change go? Pretty smoothly, in … Continue reading

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What is Hellenic polytheism? AKA Yes, my religion still exists

I was watching one of the Percy Jackson movies with some friends when the subject of Hellenic polytheism came up. One of the movie’s characters had just shouted “Oh my Gods!”, which made me smile. You don’t hear that very often in … Continue reading

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