Reconnecting with the Gods

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve had a lot on my mind, and I’ve been experiencing changes – both in my spiritual and non-spiritual life. This post will be about the spiritual.

At the end of March, I moved back to Switzerland after spending nine months in New Zealand. The differences between both countries are striking. In New Zealand, I was confronted every day with rolling deep green hills, skies the colour of forget-me-nots, prickly yellow expanses of grass, and colourful wooden houses that dotted the streets nearby. Aiolos never stopped whirling around me, Hermes was in the smile of the stranger handing out flyers in town, and just out of sight, but always there, Poseidon’s whispers filled the sea.





In Switzerland, there is no sea. Aiolos is quiet here, and there is no wild bush for Artemis to roam. The land is tamer, paler, not at all like primal, fierce, vivid New Zealand. But the Gods are here. Different, perhaps, but still here.





The wonderful thing about Hellenismos is that our Gods aren’t one-dimensional beings that only exist in a limited area or domain. Take Zeus, for example. He isn’t just the God of thunder and the Father of Gods and men; he is also Zeus Ombrios, of the rain, Zeus Teleios, of the marriage rites, Zeus Ktêsios, of the house, Zeus Xenios, of hospitality, Zeus Areios, of war, and so much more. The sky can be cloudy or sunny, but it’s still the sky. The same goes with the Gods. They have many faces.

I may not find Poseidon Pelagaios or Poseidon Ennosigaios here, but Poseidon Hippios is all around me – and while he is usually associated with the sea, rivers do, to some extent, belong to his domain as God of water as well. The wild Artemis I honoured in New Zealand is not so prevalent in Switzerland, but Artemis Eurynômê is, and so is Artemis Philomeirax. Wherever I go, the rivers and forests are still home to nymphs, and Helios still burns in the sky.





Everywhere I am, the Gods are there. I just need to look at them with different eyes.


About Artemisia

Lighting stars in the sky and skipping stones across the Styx.
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  1. Great post with cool pictures!

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