Two Roman slaves bickering in Latin

I have a passion for ancient languages. Although Latin was never my favourite (I only studied it for three months, and that was so I could do Ancient Greek), I did get quite excited when I stumbled across this YouTube video of a dialogue in Latin. It’s wonderful to hear these long-dead languages spoken again, whatever they may be.

Even better, the dialogue is quite funny. The two slaves start off talking about who their masters are and how big their families are, then Slave #2 tells Slave #1 he can’t call the family he works for “his” family. Slave #1 gets offended and passionately answers that his master’s family is his family, at which point I was giggling in the library and trying not to attract attention to myself, lest someone ask what was funny and I had to explain it was two slaves bickering in Latin (which makes my sense of humour sound decidedly snobbish). In any case, I enjoyed the video and even though it’s not Hellenismos-related, I thought I’d share it on here.

(The dialogue only lasts for the first two minutes. The rest of the video is vocabulary and pronunciation.)


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