Still alive!


I haven’t posted in ages so I thought I’d let you guys know that I’m still alive, and so is this blog! I do intend to keep updating it but over the last month, I’ve been very busy. I moved into a new house in mid-October (and I absolutely love it), and lately I’ve been focusing on finding a second job and writing my novel. My new house also doesn’t have internet, so I’m solely relying on the library for this blog, but I will make an effort to post more often from now on.

It has now been seven months since I started calling myself a Hellenic polytheist again, and I feel just as spiritually fulfilled as I did when I made the choice to follow the Hellenic Gods. I’m happy. So, so happy.

I went on a long walk yesterday and ended up by the beach. Having lived in a landlocked country for fourteen years, the sea has always held a special place in my heart. I walked along the shoreline and let the waves wash over my feet, and it was beautiful. Since I recently memorised the Orphic hymn to Poseidon, I quietly recited it as I walked, and the moment became all the more special. Poseidon is not a God that I’ve interacted with much, but now that I live twenty minutes’ walk from the sea, he has started to call me. And I’ve started to answer.

On the way back, I tried to take a shortcut through the bush and ended up scrambling barefoot down a steep hill among brambles, gnarly trees and dead leaves. That was when I felt Artemis. I laughed to myself and told her that if there was any doubt I belonged to her, there wasn’t know. I’m just as wild as her!

The library is closing soon so I have to go, but until my next post, I wish you all the best and enjoy this song which reminds me of Artemis – “Wild Child” by Enya:


About Artemisia

Lighting stars in the sky and skipping stones across the Styx.
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