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It’s not always the Gods – sometimes we’re just kind

The sky was already darkening, and my stomach rumbled as I walked past the man sitting on the corner of the street. I barely glanced at him as I hurried home, looking forward to cuddling up in my bedroom with a … Continue reading

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Hellenismos at twelve years old: my experience as a teenage Pagan

Many people become interested in Paganism or Wicca in their teenage years. Whether it’s because they’re unsatisfied with their current religion, have always felt drawn to pre-Christian beliefs but only now have access to the information, think magick and Percy Jackson are “cool”, or … Continue reading

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What kind of Hellenic polytheist are you?

Fun fact: the Ancient Greeks didn’t have a word for “religion”. In those days, religion, culture, philosophy, society and everyday life were so closely entwined that it was almost impossible to differentiate one from another. Though this is an interesting … Continue reading

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