To Artemis

Born to Zeus and Leto, you helped deliver your twin from the womb of your mother, for you were chosen by the Moirai to assist women in childbirth though you, Maiden, never experienced it yourself.

As a young child, you climbed onto your father’s knee and asked that you may always wear short skirts and remain a virgin, so that you may run free with the wild beasts.

Like your brother, you asked for a bow and arrow, but you also asked for many names, so that you may be distinguished from him. You became Lokheia, and Orthia, and Kourotrophos, and Kynthia, and many more.

To me you are Artemis Agrotera, Potnia Theron; and you are my Goddess.

Artemis Statue

You were the first to come to me in my dreams, and the one whose name stood out to me when I first read about the Olympians. For years, I was haunted by the number six, and it was with a laugh that I realised this number was sacred to you, as you were born on the sixth day of Thargelion. Six is the month of my birth, the place of the first letter of my name in the alphabet, and my life path in numerology; it is everywhere around me, just like you are. Even before I knew it, I was yours.

Like me, you hold the wilderness dear, and would rather run free in the mountains than visit the cities built by men. You are Potnia Theron, Mistress of the Beasts, and yet you are Huntress as well, presiding over the dualities of preservation and death. You understand that for some to live, others must give up their lives – yet beware to those who take without your permission! Likewise, you have both the power of delivering newborn babes and of striking down maidens in their youth. You are a Goddess of raw nature, innocent and fierce at once.

Of all Immortals, Artemis, you are the one whose anger I would not incite. You are tough, not one to let me come running to you and blubber out my feelings; instead, you pull me to my feet and tell me to stand tall. You teach me to find confidence in my own heart, not in the affections of others, and to be proud and aware of who I am. While I may seek comfort from Thetis, Hestia or Demeter, you are the one to whom I go to be slapped awake and shoved forward on my path. From you, I have learnt to be strong.

You are my Free One, Artemis, the one I feel at my side when I skip barefoot through the forest. You are mother and sister, mistress and companion to me. You have only one command: go and run like the wind!

You are Artemis Agrotera, Potnia Theron. You are my Goddess, and always, I have belonged to you.

(Side note: Artemis Agrotera, Potnia Theron is her Homeric epithet and it means “Artemis the Huntress, Mistress of animals”. It’s my favourite description of her because it combines her aspects as a huntress and protectress of animals, as well as including the Mycenaean title Potnia.)


About Artemisia

Lighting stars in the sky and skipping stones across the Styx.
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