Reading of the Odyssey in reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation

I found this while browsing YouTube videos and it brought tears to my eyes within the first few seconds. There’s something so emotional, and yet so relaxing, about hearing these words as they were pronounced 2500 years ago. It makes me feel like I’m a little girl in Ancient Greece, lying by an open fire with friends and family gathered around me, while an aoidos recites Homer’s Odyssey. It’s beautiful. It makes me feel like I’m home.

Have a look at the other videos on this YouTube channel as well – there are many more readings of Ancient Greek texts, including the Hippocratic Oath. The Odyssey is my favourite, due to my love of the Trojan epic, but I find them all absolutely beautiful. I strongly encourage you to check them out.


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3 Responses to Reading of the Odyssey in reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I also found this recording but I could not finish listening to it, because the stupid Irish new age like singing added to it was so intrusive it drove me mad! Why did they have to do that? Have you found other recordings that have not been messed with in this way? I would be thankful if you could let me know.

    • Artemisia says:

      Hi Elisabeth, unfortunately the person who recorded this video only makes them with background music. Personally I find it quite relaxing, but I can understand how it could bother you. I think there’s a few other recordings like this one on YouTube without the music. When it comes to pronunciation, though, the one I posted is one of the best. Hope that helps!

      • Elisabeth says:

        I agree, that as far as pronunciation goes, this is the best! Thank you. If I find something good elsewhere, I will let you know…
        Best wishes,

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