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Mother Thetis

I haven’t been writing much lately because, as I mentioned in another post, I’ve been very busy and I’m also working towards a deadline on my novel (I’m aiming to finish part 1 of 3 before October). I will eventually … Continue reading

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Originally posted on femmesdemoc:
Cet article est probablement une dernière chance. En général je dis que je suis suisse-syrienne, mais la vérité c’est que je n’ai que le passeport suisse. Je suis donc suisse, de mère syrienne naturalisée, j’ai vingt-et-un ans…

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To Artemis

Born to Zeus and Leto, you helped deliver your twin from the womb of your mother, for you were chosen by the Moirai to assist women in childbirth though you, Maiden, never experienced it yourself. As a young child, you climbed onto your father’s knee and … Continue reading

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Reading of the Odyssey in reconstructed Ancient Greek pronunciation

I found this while browsing YouTube videos and it brought tears to my eyes within the first few seconds. There’s something so emotional, and yet so relaxing, about hearing these words as they were pronounced 2500 years ago. It makes me … Continue reading

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Skipping Stones across the Styx

It’s dark down here. It smells of dank earth and algae that creep up the banks of the river Styx like mould. Mud squelches under my feet. With my toes I test the shoreline, tentatively skimming the surface of the water … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Prince of Egypt”

I confess I have a love for animated movies. Unlike many of my peers, I wasn’t raised on Disney and Pixar, and for much of my childhood I thought that Snow White and Beauty and the Beast were stupid (though that … Continue reading

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To Recon or not to Recon?

That, at least among modern polytheists, is the question. It is also the main difference between Wicca/eclectic Paganism and the belief systems of Hellenismos, Kemeticism, Asatru or Celtic reconstructionism. While the former focus on a connection with the Earth and are … Continue reading

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