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Today I made honey cakes for Hermes

Hermes had been good to me these last two months, so I felt the need to thank him in a special way. He kept me safe during my travels as I moved back to New Zealand from the UK, he provided me … Continue reading

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Goodbye, precious bearer of dream…

Every soul that crosses the Styx is precious. But when it belongs to a poet, it’s a special kind of light that is extinguished. I knew one such light. Well, “knew” is a big word; our paths crossed once or twice … Continue reading

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Homer VS the Mycenaeans: In Search of the Trojan War

It’s the age-old question: did the Trojan War really happen? And if it did, did it happen as Homer wrote in his Iliad? Of course, it is near-impossible to come to a definite conclusion. With over 3000 years between us and the Mycenaeans (the … Continue reading

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Memories of a friend who believed in the Quran

(I had a whole post lined up and ready to be written for the letter Q in this week’s Pagan Blog Project but a series of events changed my mind, and I feel that I need to write about them and the topic they … Continue reading

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I’m a Pagan Waiting until Marriage

I say Pagan. What do you say? Pentacle. Nature worship. Zeus. Odin. The Goddess. Hippies. Spells. Free love. Probably not waiting until marriage for sex. After all, why would anyone with pagan beliefs – let alone a Hellenic polytheist – choose to … Continue reading

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I found Apollon through Classical Music

Of the Twelve Olympians, Apollon is the one that I had the most trouble finding. I have always related more to his twin sister, Artemis, and although I feel we would understand each other quite well I’ve never seemed to … Continue reading

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Defining the modern oikos

In Ancient Greece, oikos was the word for the home, the household, and the family. Usually the three went hand in hand: members of the family and their slaves formed the household, and they all lived together in the house. Back then, people only … Continue reading

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